Laptop running applications with Nvidia graphics card causes blank white or grey screen.

May 14, 2018
I was wondering if anyone can help or give advice on a problem I'm having with my laptops graphics card.

On my laptop, any time I start an application which uses the Nvidia graphics card such as any game or applications like Unity3D or Blender3D, the window for the application just comes up completely grey or white. Even opening the Nvidia control panel causes the same issue. I tried disabling the the graphics card through device manager, so that the applications would run with the Intel chip and they all ran fine (but very slowly as expected). I reenabled the graphics card and restarted, then checked dxdiag and the Nvidia graphics card is no longer there. Tried applications again to make sure Nvidia card was enabled properly again and got grey screen again. I then knew it had to be the graphics card so I tried reinstalling the drivers with the clean install option, but this didn't change anything, so I then tried to do a complete uninstall and reinstall of the drivers by using "Display Driver Uninstaller" by wagnardsoft as it was recommended on many sites for clean uninstalls of graphics drivers. After doing this and installing Nvidia drivers, the Nvidia control panel no longer even appears and device manager has a yellow warning on my graphics card with a Code 43 error ("Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems"). I tried doing a reinstall and tried shutting down laptop and pulling out power and battery, then holding power button for 10 seconds to clear out electricity, but upon reboot, i still have error in device manager. I also opened my laptop to check for problems but couldn't see any with the graphics card, although i never check beneath its heatsink as I'm unsure how to remove it as it uses weird screws and wont come out when they are loosened

Note: My graphics card is removable from what I can find online, and is plugged into some sort of slot which is hard to see, rather than being soldered on. I cant get the heatsink off though so cant check if it fully plugged in properly.

Thanks soo much for any help
That error is often an issue with the video card, not a driver. To rule out any software issues you can do a factory reset on the system to bring it new settings. If you still have issues with the video card, it's very likely bad.