Broken Laptop Screen (NO DISPLAY / NOSOUND) Help With External Monitor


Aug 11, 2015

My laptop screen got broken about 2 years ago.
Now when i want to turn it on the laptops fan seems like it is running.
but there is no windows sounds, And even worse no display?

What i want to know if there possibly could be any way to connect it to an external monitor like my tv or just my other pc monitor?

Problems/Issues and solutions that didn't work out for me:

Turning on laptop: Fan is running but no display and theres no sounds?

I have tried some methoeds after searching trough google

''FN'' with some of the ''F'' buttons. And that didn't work out...

Taking battery out and holding the power button etc...... didn't work either...

Opening screen and unplugging card... After try to connect it on a external monitor.. DIDN'T WORK!

I know that you have to bypass the windows login so it works better with the ''fn'' and ''f'' buttons,
But it seems like theres no sound.. Likely it's only turns on and does/shows nothing.

Also i am a little unsure about entering the correct password as 2 years for me is many different passwords! But i do have a booteble usb that can format windows. If only i could see whats happing on the display :(

I really hope someone in here can help me to understand if its possible to fix it or not?

The Laptop Model is:

emachines e527

Im sorry for the bad english and please don't hold back with answers if you got any solutions to this.


Yes you can connect an external monitor to the laptop, just hook it up along with a keyboard and mouse, turn on the laptop and close the lid quickly. It should detect the external monitor as the only display and if the system is working outside of the screen you will see the image on the monitor.

If you have no display at all even on the external screen then the motherboard may be bad.

Emachines are not very reliable, probably one of the least reliable brands due to the poor quality of components used.


Aug 11, 2015

Thank you
i'll try hook the laptop with keyboard and mouse tomorrow and then i may post back the results
Im afraid that the motherboard could be behind this. Lets hope not :D

I tried as suggested with keyboard/mouse and closing the id quickly.
and that was not the trick either!

I don't understand why its missing both sound/display
when connecting external monitor to laptop

moniter says: going to sleep

and when unplugging the vga again from laptop

moniter says: theres no vga input

So its kinda confusing and i hope there may be a solution for this somehow?
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