Browser downloads fail


Feb 14, 2015
Can't download files in IE or Chrome. Error message: Failed-virus scan failed. Tried a regsvr32 urlmon.dll patch. No luck. I changed the registry switch from 3 to 1 which allowed download but made me feel vulnerable. Not a long term solution. Used HitMan, Malawarebytes, CCleaner and Forefront AV. No help. Fiddled with security settings in the browsers. Windows Defender is turned off because of Forefront.

There was a large Windows update night before this happened. I uninstalled each file sequentially, never got an effect. I didn't uninstall the many updates to Office because they didn't seem relevant although I did uninstall Service Pack 2 for Office. Any suggestions? Help needed.


Dec 3, 2011
Would you please provide us some more information in regards to a few different things?

What version of Windows are you currently running?
- 32bit or 64 bit?
- Version?
What version of Internet Explorer and Chrome are you using?
- Are they the most recent versions?
- Have you tried disabling any add-ons or extensions in either browsers?

Get us this information and it will help shed some light in regards to what is going on.