Browser Hacker Virus, can't seem to remove?


Dec 19, 2012
Hey guys, I've recently gotten a browser hacker virus on my desktop and can't seem to remove it. When I first boot up my computer everything works normal with the internet, but after about 4 minutes of being turned on whenever I open up google chrome it redirects me to

I have tried a lot in trying to solve this problem, such as changing it to "go to a set page", deleting the search engine under "manage engines" which always seems to come back after I restart my computer, and resetting the browser.

When I looked for it under my control panel to uninstall I never found, there was never a program to actually uninstall, and now it just seems virtually impossible to remove.

Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks.


Dec 19, 2013
In chrome, go to Tools and then Extensions to see if it's in there. If that doesn't work, use a browser cleaner like the free one offered by AVAST. You'd have to d/l avast and then install the browser cleaner under TOOLS. If you don't want to do that, re-install Chrome. Also, d/l CCleaner and run the regular cleaner and the registry cleaner. Then go to TOOLS and look for the unwanted program under the UNINSTALL tab.