BSOD when using mobile broadband


Aug 19, 2011

I have a feeling this may be a driver error, but I dont know.
A friend gave me a computer, Dell Inspiron 531, Athlon 64x2, 1gb, 160gb

It works perfectly fine, apart from when I connect to the internet through the mobile broadband (3 Huawei E122). Once it connects, internet explorer launches. As soon as I begin using IE, the computer freezes, mouse will not move, keyboard will not work, then after 2 mins it blue screens. stop code is 0x77. I have tried to exit IE and use firefox instead, this works much better but it still bluescreens, just less frequently.

My friend brought it to a local shop who told him the usb header on the mobo is the problem and needs a new mobo and qouted him €250 repair. However I dont think this is the problem as, no other usb device gives any trouble at all. And the mobile brodband dongle only crashes once it connects and the browser is launched.

list of installed software (incase there are known issues with them): Norton Antivirus, Easus Partition manager, thunderbird, microsoft works, ccleaner. I dont know if any are recently installed or not.

I was gonna upload the dum files but there doesnt seem to be an option for that here.

Any help would be very much appreciated, as I really dont know what to do with this



1.David the €250 repair is very bad deal.

2.Are other devices working thru the same USB port?

3.Try to use another USB port - no USB hub if u have one.

What OS do u have? Maybe its driver.