Spellcheck Driving Me Nuts


Oct 16, 2012
I know this is kind of a weird thing to get upset about, but if my spell check program(s) were a person I'd wanna punch them in the face right now!

I use three different browsers for various purposes online; Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Both Firefox and Chrome are running the default installed spell checker and I installed the latest version of Speckie for Internet Explorer.

For some dang reason, these spell checks seem to just work when they feel like it. On forum posts like this they all typically work fine, but in some fields on various web pages (like on Facebook and Twitter for example), they decide not to work. I've looked in my right-click menu of Internet Explorer right above my Speckie settings, and noticed that sometimes the "Check Spelling" option is not checked at times. But then I'll load another web page and it will be checked (but all in the same session).

Why is there this huge inconsistency across these sites/forms? I need my spell check to work 100% of the time. Sure it works after I go in and check the option, but I need it to be automatic in all instances, not just when it feels like.

I researched it a bit and someone said that perhaps it has to do with only working in forms that allow for multiple-lines of text, but I tested that in the title box above in this very post and that doesn't seem to be the case. So I'm stumped.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


It is relevant to the domain which you are on.
If you disable it on a site, it is likely your browser will remember to keep it disabled on that specific domain.
Clear your browser cache, and check it whenever you see it off if it still remains.
Should fix it.