Limited Web Access


May 6, 2016
Okay, so I have to give some details as to why I'm asking a question. My son had a problem with his pc, so I wanted to reformat it for him. Before doing this, I went through some of his stuff, ie, i-explorer and Firefox history etc, and came across some very nasty stuff, which I don't want him to see at the age of 11. So we confiscated the pc, but, upon further discussion, we decided we would return the pc, if there's some way to limit his Web Access. He only wants to play his bf4 game, which opens through Firefox.
I already made an user account for him in windows 10, so he has zero administrator rights.

Now, my question: Is it possible to block access to Chrome and internet explorer completely, and only limit Firefox to ONLY open the battlelog page needed to run his game? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.