bubble like smudge on screen


Nov 21, 2014
I Got Galaxy Grand 2 (SM-G7102DDUBNK1) in February1. and from past month it seems like there is a sort of liquid-like smudge under the screen. If I press hard or lightly on it, it seems to grow, and shrink back when I release. The touchscreen itself works fine, Now a days it's mostly noticeable at all the time also when the screen is on.

At first I thought it was an air bubble under the screen protector, so  I took it off, but the spot is still there.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this, and any solutions?

Can Samsung people Replace my Grand 2? or should I go to Samsung Service Centre?

It really bother me. PLEASE HELP ASAP and sorry for Poor English. Thank you!
Definitely take it to Samsung. Standard warranty should be 1 year, so you should still be covered. Not sure what it could be, but at the very least they should diagnose it for you free of charge.