Budget amp/dac or just amp


Dec 19, 2015
i am using a fiio e12 mont blanc portable amp with beyer dynamics DT 990 250 ohm and AKG 612 pro. seems the 612;s harder to drive even tho they are less ohm.....i am looking for a powerful eenough to drive my cans budget desktop amp/dac or just amp itself that performs well. this is for console gaming and music
many thanks in advance
magni 2 is a newer version of the magni. supposedly its an improved model. the second one would be what i would buy if you have the option.
the k612 has a higher sensitivity as well as being lower impedance. on paper, they should be easier to drive not harder yet many akg cans tend to act this way. normally its only low impedance low sensitivity cans (like the q701) which are a ah heck to power.

want power? the schiit magni is what i would suggest. just over $100 yet dollar for dollar it is one of the stronger budget amps around. i wouldnt waste your time with anything cheaper.

the e12 is fairly hefty amp in its own right for cheap portables. some fiio products have a gain switch (high or low) so before buying an amp you may want to see if you have it set to high if it includes such a switch.