buying a new headphone 2014

Mike Daniel

Oct 30, 2014
hello everyone, Im looking for a new headphone lineup like (example) bose qc 25 or sennheiser urbanite xl my previous headphone is jabra halo 2. im looking for a balanced headphone for style and audio quality with over ear, and i prefer a 2 sided cable left and right around the headphone, I'm really confused what should i buy and i don like a headphone that when i turn up the volume people can hear it, bluetooth its optional and my budget would be around $200-$350 (i could raise more if its worth it) yes i would like to use it mainly for music, intergrated mic is just optional for me the headphone i posted its just example for new heaphone this year


Aug 18, 2013
If you don't want people to hear your music, don't buy open back headphones such as the one posted above. Buy a nice closed back pair.

The headphones that best suite you really depend on the genre of the music you listen to along with a few other factors. I'll admit my knowledge of high end headphones is fairly limited as of now, so I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending a setup.

I also noticed the headphones you posted are all portable and have an integrated mic. If these are meant for portable use/ phone calls you might want to mention that in your post.