Buying a new laptop


Aug 20, 2012
i am thinking of buying a new laptop (not yet, but soon), and i'd like to know whch of these two i should buy?

Lenovo G780G (59-346664)


Acer E1-531

I couldn't find the specs for Lenovo, so here is what the store where i wanna buy says about it:

Lenovo's specs:
Intel Pentium B970 (dual core, 2.3 GHz)
4GB of RAM
RES: 1600x900p
17,3" Display

Acer's specs:
Intel pentium B960 (dual core, 2.2 GHz)
4GB of RAM
RES: 1366x768p
15,6" Display

Both have hdmi, both have usb, but lenovo has 3.0, both have an integrated GPU, but i can't find out which one (it says GMA HD for Lenovo and Intel HD for Acer.
Both have a webcam, wi-fi, dvd drive.

That's pretty much all i was able to find out, also, i found pics of both and i like the look of the Acer more.

Lenovo's price: 3,699.00 HRK (651.54 USD)

Acer's price: 2,999.00 HRK (528.24 USD)

please, if you can help me pick, i would be very grateful.

P.S. I know it's stupid to think of this now, and not when i actually have the money to buy it, but, i also know, it's better to set your sights on something early, it's the same way i figured out what pc components i want to buy, and at what price :D