Buying a new TV for gaming. Questions: Refresh Rate/Brands/Models


Mar 3, 2013
Getting a new TV for my living room and was considering the refresh rate when deciding my purchase.

The games on PS4 have a max FPS of 60 so if I'm correct, having anything higher than 60Hz refresh rate will be unnoticeable while gaming? I've read up a bit on google myself and I'm seeing that higher refresh rates than 60Hz on tv's can cause input lag while gaming which I don't want as well.

So, my TV is mostly for gaming, am I correct in my assumption that my gaming on PS4 will not benefit from a higher than 60Hz refresh rate? I understand movies will be much better with a higher refresh rate but I don't believe that's worth whatever input lag I could get.
Also, second question: I'm seeing a lot of different models have different names for their refresh rate, some are CMR, some Motion Flow, etc. What's the deal?

And a followup to anyone who replies, any TV's or brands you guys suggest for long term gaming?

I'll try to help you best as I can.

You are correct that a PS4 won't benefit from anything higher than a 60 Hz display. However, even if the PS4 was outputting 120 FPS, a TV that is 120 Hz would still not be able to accept external inputs of anything higher than 60 Hz, that's how they're designed, regardless of bandwidth and pixel clock.

As far as input lag is concerned, you want as low as possible. Consoles add a bit of input lag themselves, for PS4 that would be depending on what settings used, and whether or not the game is running at 30 FPS, or at least lower than 60 FPS.

Movies will indeed look better at 120 Hz, because it eliminates the use of telecine, or 3:2 pulldown. Instead it's going to repeat each frame 5 times, which means the only artifacts you'll notice are those created by the camera op's themselves, if they made a mistake during panning, or what have you.

Motion rates are techniques that interpolate frames. Most people prefer this off, but it's nice to have that option, especially for sports, as images displayed will appear extremely sharp during very fast motion, such as football, golf ball, tennis ball, to give you an idea. It may look a bit unnatural, as this mode is often described as the "soap opera" effect. However, a lot of people do prefer this look, it's subjective. This mode doesn't affect picture quality.

Now here's the first decision you're going to have to make. And I highly recommend you read up on these. As you can't have both.

VA = deeper blacks, slightly worse viewing angles, slightly worse color reproduction
IPS = grey blacks, near perfect viewing angles, slightly better color reproduction (nothing major)

If you could answer that question first, then I can go ahead and assist you find the TV that suits your needs, as we need to get that out of the way first.

All the best!


Mar 26, 2006
It matters how good or bad your video card is. If it can produce 60fps at the resolution of the tv, a 60hz will do. Look up benchmarks here on toms, and that includes monitors.


Mar 3, 2013
Thanks so much for the thorough response and your help. As for my choice, I really just want the best picture but viewing angle isn't really an issue so probably VA is what I'd want. I do have a TV I've been looking at that's got a well reviewed response time for gaming. The model is an LG LF5400, thinking a 43 or 49 inch. Would this be decent?

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