Buying advice mirrorless camera


Oct 3, 2016
Looking for midrange mirrorless camera for photos and regular high def video for lectures/educational content on website. I think I want larger sensor, microphone headphone jack, wireless capability , stabilization and sealed. Oft. Have considered Sony 6300, lumix G4 and Fuji line. This would be new territory for me so simplicity/ ease of use a factor and G4 probably absolute top in cost department ( less would be great). Any suggestions?


Jan 10, 2014
The best thing to do is try them for yourself. How a camera feels is far more important then its technical specification. The quality of the shot is always down to the skill of the photographer.

When you buy a camera with interchangeable lenses you're also buying into an ecosystem. If you buy a load of Canon gear, it's very difficult (and expensive) to switch to another brand.

If you're shooting video from a stationary position, stabilisation is unnecessary but a good tripod is a must. Unless you need to transfer files from the camera to a laptop whilst out in the field, WiFi is also unnecessary.

A good prime lens should also be on your shopping list; a 35mm would be ideal, taking into account the crop factor.
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