Buzzing noise when I try to listen to sound on my laptop


Dec 30, 2014
Whenever I play a youtube video or try to listen to any sound, my laptop lags a lot and then creates a horrible buzzing noise, sort of like a tazer. This is getting annoying as it means I cant watch youtube videos, I cant play games that include music and it's really getting frustrating. I got the laptop for Christmas and I'm disappointed because it came with the buzzing noise, I havent downloaded anything yet. Not happy!! Solution please!!

Note - It only happens when the sound is very high, when it;s 10% or less the buzzing stops but I cant hear the sound very well, of course. I am also not very good with sound on my computer, I really only use it to play games.

Tommy Shiels

Dec 31, 2014
Before taking this back to the shop try this.....

Go to control panel - go to device manager - select the audio driver - click on update driver.


go to sound in control panel and ensure the master gain is not maxed out or in the red (test playback).

if this is a aftermarket sound card (creative or Realtek etc) use their specific interface/software. you can access this by just right clicking on your desktop and selecting the sound card manufacturer. Again, lower the master gain or update the software.

If this hasn't helped, take it back as there will be a hardware fault with the sound card or integrated sound card.

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