C# help with program.


Dec 4, 2012
Hi everyone. I've read the post, "before posting", and I apologize for not submitting any code. I'm a student at ECPI and just enrolled in my first C# programming class. Our first day, we received this assignment, however I am having difficulties with implementing the correct syntax for C#. Any help would be much appreciated.

The local library in the neighborhood needs a computerized program to allow it’s users to carry out the transactions electronically. After getting all the requirements from the library management it’s determined that an object oriented approach will best fit the library’s needs. The detailed description of the requirements and the design of the system are as given under:

The system will allow the user to:

Ø View the books

Ø Hold a book for checkout

Ø View Personal Details


Create a class named “Library” that will include the methods view(), checkout() and personalDetails(). Use an array to store information about the books in the library.

The user would not be able to access the system without logging in. At log in process, system will prompt the user to enter their first and last name.

Once logged in, user can browse the books in the system.

Assign a random number between 0 and 3 to each book, indicating the number of books available for check out. After a book is added in the checkout list, the count of available books must be decreased. If no books are available for checkout, user must be informed accordingly.

At a given time, a user can check out a maximum of 5 books. Once a limit is reached, system must not allow the user to add books in the checkout list. When the user has selected 5 books, the system must prompt the user to confirm checkout. On confirmation, reset all parameters and display the home screen (Screen that provides 3 options).

User must be able to view the books in the checkout list.

Additional Requirements:

All data members in the class will be private members and can be accessed only using public get and set methods.

The class “Library” will have no-argument constructor that will initialize all data members to zero or null.

The welcome screen will have a menu of 3 options: Browse Books, View Personal Details and Exit.


Talk to your tutor. Don't try to cheat. If you really can't even make a start on this, then consider taking a different course. It may be that computer programming just isn't for you.

There's no point in apologizing for reading "before posting" and then just ignoring it.
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