Cables solution for audio setup


Oct 15, 2015
Hello there!
I'm trying to solve a problem with cables solution for my home audio setup.

I have a computer internal sound card, external sound card, headphones and speakers and I need to connect it together, so it won't be necessary to switch cables everytime I want to play the guitar.

First of all, a friend of mine told me that he used this setup for Xbox gaming with his friends: Imgur link

So, my question is: Would a cable solution like the one I'll show you actually work without any problems? (No interferrence, 100% functionality etc.)
Here's the scheme of the cabling I'd like to have: Imgur link and another image Imgur link (Those cable switches I'm using are standard switches with 2 female jacks and 1 male plug)

My conditions are:

  • ■ I need to use external sound card for guitar playing, because it cooperates with the software
    ■ I have an internal sound card, which I'd like to use for any other activity than playing the guitar
    ■ At least for now, I'd like to avoid buying a sound mix, because it's just too expensive
    ■ I'd like to keep completely separated speakers and headphones, which means that I don't want to connect my headphones through the speakers control station (btw. name of the speakers is Genius GX Gaming SW-G2.1 1250)
Three main reasons why I've ran into this problem are:

  • ■ I want to use my headphones for both guitar playing and PC sound
    ■ I want to use my speakers for both guitar playing and PC sound
    ■ I'm lazy to / it's annoying to always switch cables, I'd like to control it with software only (so I'll only have to switch the primary sound card)
I hope that I described my problem good enough, but I'm ready to answer every question in order to find the best possible solution for as few $$$ as possible.
Looking forward to read your opinions/advices/thoughts.

Best regards
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