Call log shows incoming I never received


Nov 18, 2017
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Verison service
When I login to my Gmail/Goolgle account on phone or desktop I see all the normal folders
Inbox, Sent, All mail, etc. I also see folder for SMS and Call log.
This is great because I can see all my SMS messages sent and received.
Call Log is also great because I can see all the calls made or received.
I am not using Google Voice. These are just my regular calls using my Phone and my Verizon service.
1- I see dozens of incoming calls (bogus calls) from a number that happens to be in my contacts. This is an old contact and I have not made or received any calls to/from this contact in over 20 years. My phone's RECENT calls do not show the incoming calls; however, Google call logs shows that I received these calls. The duration of the calls is anywhere from 20s to 90s. I definitly did not receive these calls since my phone would have rung and it didn't. HELP. I AM WORRIED THAT SOMEHOW I AM BEING HACKED OR SOMEONE IS USING A TRICK TO FIND MY GPS LOCATION.

2- For all the legitimate calls that I made or received, the Call Log seems to be accurate. It shows the correct duration. However, I can only see the TIME for the calls for the current day. If the calls were made more than a day ago, it only shows the date not the TIME. Is there anyway to get the time.

3- Is there anyway I can download the call logs into a .CSV, text file, spread sheet, anything.

4- Is there anyway to contact Google and get a real support person to answer these questions.
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