Can any RCA output be used for any RCA input?

Feb 28, 2018

Can I use RCA to connect devices that are not originally mean to be connected or will it cause damage? For example if I have both trust gxt 38 and microlab solo 6c and I now use microlab solo 6c because of their better quality but I would like to add some bass to it, is it ok to connect solo 6c input to gxt 38's subwoofer output? Or would it damage speakers? Why I have this question is because both have RCA but since gxt 38 also uses RCA to power satellites then I am afraid that it might give 10 volts to system that maybe expects 1 volt.
I am not so much interested if it would be wise in terms of quality because I can separate them any time I want but I am more interested in knowing if it is technically safe/possible to do so. Or what would happen if I would do this connection?
If you are using a PC with subwoofer out then you connect the GXT to that. Connect the Microlab to the green audio output.
If you don't have a subout then you split the green audio out and connect both. If you can use the sub without the sats that will work fine.
If it won't work with the sats disconnected then you can use a speaker to line level converter to connect the Microlabs instead of the sats. I think the amp for the sats is in the GXT sub so there is no dc voltage on the RCA connections just speaker level audio. Most converters have speaker wire for input so you will need to put RCA plugs on the wires. You can just splice part of an audio interconnect onto the bare wire and tape it so they don't short.
Feb 28, 2018

How do I split green audio? If I just get Y cable or do it myself some how wouldn't it loose quality/signl, since the same output would now be divided between 2 speakers instead of 1 as originally intended. If I connect these Mocrolabs to Sub directly without speaker to line level converter then it wont work?

>You can just splice part of an audio interconnect onto the bare wire and tape it so they don't short.
What do you mean by that? Could you maybe link some youtube video about it so I could better get your idea?
Using Y splitters will work fine to connect to the inputs of the speakers. No loss of quality.
You do need a speaker to line level converter so you don't overload the input of the speakers.
If you have a speaker level output that uses an RCA jack you can't connect the input of the converter without attaching an RCA plug to the speaker wires on the converter. You could solder an RCA plug, use a screw on RCA plug or splice an RCA cable onto the wires. You only use half the converter for a subwoofer connection.
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