Can anyone help me choose between these 2? Acer vs Lenovo

Aug 9, 2018
Lenovo :


I found these 2 in the store which seem pretty good for my budget.
This is what I will use it for: playing Starcrat 2, WoW, and Illustrator / Photoshop / XD. Possible streaming.
Now, I'm sure both of these can do those things very well, but I want it to last. This is my first serious purchase and I want my money to have good value as I treat it as an investement, I don't want it to die or lose quality quickly.
Can anyone share their thoughts on what I should buy and why? I trust Lenovo more on durability, but I'd like to have your opinions, thanks!


Mar 15, 2017
I'd personally take the Lenovo. The specifications between both laptops are very similar excluding GTX 1050 in Acer vs GTX 1050 Ti in Lenovo (slightly stronger Graphics Card) but the main difference is storage. The Acer only has a 250GB SSD which won't be a lot of space once you start installing games, recordings and working with videos/photos as you listed in your usage. The lenovo helps cover this by including both a 120GB SSD (great for fast boot + primary software) and a 1TB HDD which you can use for bulk game/file storage. The $99 between the 2 laptops seems worth it for the stronger GPU (better Gaming capabilities) and Storage imo. Hope this helps! :)

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