Can anyone recommend a secure 'Copy & Verify' utility ?


Oct 5, 2009
Can anyone recommend one or more preferably free utilities to securely copy bulk data contained in huge directories, be it form one part to another part of the same drive, or to/from a USB drive, and then securely verify the destination matches the source. (perhaps a bit like a Windows derivation of the old 'xcopy' DOS cmmd)

In the past I found the various form of 'Copy' command built into Windows 7 have partial failure when copying huge folders, fail to verify a match between source and destination, and fail to report errors. I read this is an inherent weakness in Windows for many years. Lack of a secure 'copy' in Windows file management is quite troubling, as usually I want to delete the source contents so I can reuse that space for something else, but feel inhibited from doing so without confidence the destination is a 100% bit-for-bit copy.

Ideally the utility should be flexible in being able to specify, files, folders & subfolders, drives, yet simple to use, having the security of the verify operations used by Tape Backup software of old, but without the complexity such Backup software often had.