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  1. E

    Solved! Unrooted SMS/MMS attached photos transfer app?

    Hi, I just finally upgraded from my very first smartphone (now 5 years old!) to a newer one (both Samsung), and used Samsung Smart Switch to transfer _most_ everything (both phones are unrooted). I see on the new phone that although the SMS/MMS text message "text" was transferred, all of the...
  2. D

    How to transfer from IPhone 6 plus to HTC 10 or HTC U11

    Hi, I need to transfer my notes, contacts and sms to either one of my HTC's. I am currently transferring notes one by one via email and contacts by typing. Is there another way? I don't want to use ICloud or any third party apps. Is it possible to use the HTC transfer tool to transfer these...
  3. O

    file transfer between iOS 2018 ipad and ubuntu 18.04 pc

    How to transer files (note-taking apps that sync with lecture audio, Notability, Whink, etc) from 2018 ipad and ubuntu 18.04 pc. Does anybody know of such an app that works across both platforms?
  4. J

    Solved! How do I transfer files from Android voyager 10.1 to Micro SD Card ?

    File transfer from internal storage on viking pro 10.1 to micro SD card ?
  5. C

    Solved! Files transferred from camera sd card to android - Google photos problem

    Hi. When my camera files are transferred to my Android they unfortunately show the date and time of transfer, not when the photos were taken /created. So, Google Photos puts them in that order rather than utilizing a true timestamp. I can't find anything .I usually transfer once per week and...
  6. P

    What is the best way to manage / organize / install / move programs between multiple drives?

    I have a 500GB SSD that I like to store programs I frequently use or ones that need to the best performance. My other drive is a 2TB HD. I store stuff I don't care so much about on there, like video files or programs that load quickly enough already and wont benefit from an SSD. Sometimes I no...
  7. J


    Hi everyone, PROBLEM: - I am trying to transfer my files from my external hard drive (WD, my passport, Ultra) to my laptop. - The transfer takes forever. - I can transfer some files, but only a folder or a file at a time but then with some files/folders the transfer stops and it goes suddenly...
  8. C

    2000 missing photos from android to mac

    I recently transferred pictures from my Android to my Mac (running on Sierra) by dragging them from Android File Transfer into the "Photos" icon on the desktop. A message saying that it was being copied to a T folder appeared, and when it was done I deleted the pictures from my phone. Now I cant...
  9. L

    How to transfer emails from one account to another?

    I have 2 gmail accounts and 1 of them I have had for many years. I want to transfer a specific set of emails, from my past that I have stored in a folder, over to this new email! Is this possible? Does anyone know the easiest way to do this? I've looked up tutorials online and I only see...
  10. A

    how do I transfer files off my nextbook to laptop if screen lights up but doesn't turn on completely

    My Nextbook 10 just started where the screen will kind of light up but won't fully turn on. I am wondering if there is a way to transfer my files to my laptop. I have important files on there that I don't want to lose by doing a factory reset. I am devastated right now and could really use the...
  11. L

    Solved! My Laptop Does Not Recognize My Tablet

    I've looked for this answer and they all seem to say look for 'Enable Mass USB Storage" but I find no such setting on either my laptop or the LG tablet. I want to transfer photos and videos from the tablet storage to the computer and I can't. Nor is there a way to transfer them to the SD card in...
  12. F

    Managed file transfer solution - REQUEST

    Good day, I work for a shipping company as an IT guy and I'm looking for a solution. We have about 30 vessels that have a unstable / sometimes expensive data connection. The vessels have safety documents on board, which change often. When a document is changed, we at the office have to...
  13. D

    Is possible to transfer app to USB?

    Is possible to transfer app from my PC to USB and then just paste those folders and everything that makes that app running, to my new PC?
  14. R

    Issue transferring movies to my tablet

    I have an nvidia shield tablet that I wanted to take on a flight, I have movies saved to my laptop and when I transfer them only one, of the several I tried worked. All are mkv files and i tried making the mp4 with no change. I use vlc on my tablet to play them but no video. The only notable...
  15. J

    Photo transfer to LGV10

    Problem transferring photos FROM Mac To Lg V10 with Android File Transfer I see the Lg V10 on the Mac but unable to drag to it
  16. HyperCat

    7-Zip CRC Error

    i downloaded a 3,98GB .exe file on my Windows 8 laptop yesterday and then transferred it to my desktop computer(Windows 10) and when i opened it up i got the 7-Zip CRC Error. I copied the file to my 16GB NTFS USB Drive with TeraCopy and it even controlled the CRC and then transferred i to my...
  17. E

    copying/ saving files from onecloud to my pc

    i copied and saved my music files in onecloud and the free subscription is expiring and ive more than 5GBs saved, but i can't save neither copy them to my computer before i lose my files
  18. R

    No file transfer to SD card help

    My Android is LG-X145 and there is no transfer files in the apps transfer section Please Please help me
  19. M

    WD my passport ultra, was working fine, suddenly disappeared

    Hi, I have a WD my passport ultra, that has been working fine, suddenly in the middle of a file transfer it disappeared! and the blinking stopped, now the light is stable and on (all the time). when I open device manager, I find it and it says: device working properly. I changed the usb port, I...
  20. W

    Can anyone recommend a secure 'Copy & Verify' utility ?

    Can anyone recommend one or more preferably free utilities to securely copy bulk data contained in huge directories, be it form one part to another part of the same drive, or to/from a USB drive, and then securely verify the destination matches the source. (perhaps a bit like a Windows...
  21. T

    Videos from video camera not showing up on computer any more

    Help! I have a Sony Exmore handycam; purchased in 2012. I have a 64GB SDXC memory card for it. It takes still shots while recording videos, and saves those photos, with the videos, to a folder with the date on it. I have never had a problem with it until recently. The last time I connected...
  22. C

    Android TV: Is there a way I could keep an app BOTH on my box AND the SD Card?

    Me and my parents both have Android TV boxes. I have a standard Android TV MXQ quad-core box and my parents have a specially programmed Albanian Android TV box called VIP TV. On their box they have an app called AlbAppTV which gives them Albanian channels to watch. I bought my Android box...
  23. D

    Laptop HDD transfer to hybrid SSHD?

    I am trying to clone my HDD to a hybrid SSHD for my laptop. I just bought this SSHD and wanted to know how can I clone it. Also would it still work if I already installed a windows 7 on the new SSHD? If can post website where I can buy cables or whatever method you think will work start off...
  24. J

    Seeking portable laptop to run Adobe Lightroom

    I have an old, clunker of a laptop that is starting to finally give up the ghost. I first purchased it as a primary computer about 6-7 years ago to do all of my video and photo edits using Adobe software, primarily Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. About 2 years ago I built...
  25. B

    Micro SD card makes Android mobile phone freeze.

    Way back in like late March, I ordered a newly released HTC One (M8). At the same time I ordered a 64GB Micro SD card, as the 16GB(32GB not available in Australia at the time) was not enough. I put the MIcro SD in the phone when it arrived and it worked fine. I plugged the phone into the...
  26. M

    Micro SD Freezing during file transfer.

    I suppose this could be a question for the Storage section but I use the micro sd for my tablet so... I have a 64gb xc micro sd card made by San Disk. Purchased it for my Galaxy Tab. The plan was to use the card for music, videos, pictures and scumm roms. So I started the process of moving...
  27. T

    Slow 3rd Party File Copying Software (Slower than windows default)

    Hello! In the unsuccessful search for the solution to unreliable USB 3.0 connections (tested on multiple drives and computers), I have decided to let it go for now since I didn't want to waste anymore time. I search for an alternative I've come to the conclusion that the best way for me to...
  28. V

    File Transfer Logging Application

    Hello everyone, can you recommend me any software that can log file transfer between computer and removable disks? For example if i take file A.txt on the first of january 2014, the computer will record that and if i need to see that, i can see that. Thank you for your attention. (Note: it is...
  29. G

    'Cryptopalypse' Now: Looming Security Crisis Could Cripple Internet

    The Internet, and many forms of online commerce and communication that depend on it, may be on the brink of a "cryptopalypse" resulting from the collapse of decades-old methods of shared encryption.The result would be "almost total failure of trust in t 'Cryptopalypse' Now: Looming Security...
  30. A

    File Transfer Software ?

    Hi, I'm looking for a file transfer software to send a 13gb ISO file through email or something. Please reply if you know any.
  31. bjaminnyc

    File Transfer Help

    Can anyone recommend a simple home FTP server solution? I've done a few searches and most point to Filezilla Server. I'm familiar with the Filezilla FTP client but not Server. My home connection is Fios. I'm basically wanting to transfer encrypted data [PC (External)] -> [PC (Home)] via...
  32. P

    Error: unable to start the bluetooth stack service

    hi when i'm trying to add new device via blue tooth i find this problem "Error: unable to start the bluetooth stack service". I was not able to do any file transfer with blue tooth. can u tell me a solution for this?
  33. D

    File transfer to galaxy tab schi 800

    Does anyone know of a file transfer utility for the Samsung Galaxy Tab SCHI 800
  34. E

    Maxel l File Transfer Cable ???

    Hello, I am transferring from a Windows XP notebook to a new Windows 7 notebook. Using a Maxell USB cable I can get Windows Easy Transfer on both machines. When it comes time for the program to begin the transfer, it doesn't recognize the cable connection. What is the problem?
  35. G

    Internal memory prob htc legend

    m runnin low on internal memory.. only 32mb~ c i hav bluetooth file transfer, camera 360 pro, linda file manager, multi touch paint, real player, solo lite, txtract, vignette.. daz all.. + i had installed many apps n deleted dem.. evn instlld few games.. asphalt 5, nova n ol.. bt dey din work...
  36. M

    Very slow file transfer.Plz help!

    It takes forever to copy files from a cd to hard drive e.g when I restore the image of the entire installation, which is a file 1.5gb takes up to 50min! My cd is 24x speed (3,6mb/sec) and the disk a hitachi 5400rpm with 8mb of cache, so this isnt normal.Btw copying the same file from an external...