Mar 6, 2014
Way back in like late March, I ordered a newly released HTC One (M8). At the same time I ordered a 64GB Micro SD card, as the 16GB(32GB not available in Australia at the time) was not enough.
I put the MIcro SD in the phone when it arrived and it worked fine. I plugged the phone into the computer and used the sync manager to transfer songs from the PC to the MIcro SD.

All was going well, I had about 5000 songs at the time so it said the transfer was going to take a couple hours. I had to go to work anyway and I thought it would be done by the time I got home.

However, when I got home, I found my PC was off, I did get worried as the sync manager said to not turn the PC off during the process. It turns out my parents had turned off my PC, by the switch.

Ever since, the SD card has not been responding. When plugged into my phone it says it has to be formatted, but my phone then freezes and restarts itself. When I plug it into the PC, either through the phone or through a Micro SD - USB adapter, Windows tells me it needs to be formatted, it formats then says, formatting complete. I can transfer songs onto the card. But, if I put the card into my phone, it requests formatting again.

It's a rather long story for one problem. I thought the more details, the better. If you need anymore information on the phone, PC, Micro SD card or device use, just ask.

Thanks for helping.