Can Bios mess up the system?

Mar 26, 2018
Hi :)

I'm trying to repair a Samsung Notebook Three series. It is for an elderly person that cannot afford to have it repaired.

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2501 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Samsung Notebook 3 series
Sticker at the back says April 2013

Running Windows 10 was on Windows 8 when I got it

Problem 1: Screen is jumping Starts as soon as the Samsung logo comes up on startup

Actions done screen: I have uninstalled both graphics card and reinstalled them, I updated both graphic cards (AMD Radeon HD7600M Series and Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000. Screen jumps only once every 2 to 3 seconds and flickers a little every now and then. I changed the setting as on other discussions making sure the hertz are correct etc. but it still jumps. If I lower the screen brightness on its lowest it jumps only every minute or so.

Problem 2: Battery states plugged in not charging

Actions taken: Rebooted the battery, Computer runs on the adapter without the battery and I have tested the battery and adaptor they are working fine on another Notebook. After I uninstalled the ACPI method battery it will charge for a few seconds and then states plugged in charging but stays at 1% and there is no movement on the battery icon. (I have to restart the Notebook for it to start charging but it stops every time after 5 sec)

I even uninstalled Windows 8 and installed Windows 10 with complete removal of files etc.

Could there be a problem with the bios? I have searched Samsung firmware but they have only an older version of the bios that is already installed, could I go back to the previous bios? If I can't go back to the an older version where could I get the newest update.

I really want to try everything before throwing in the towel so if you could help I will be highly grateful.


You forgot to state whether the issue is inherent when on Windows 8/8.1. Have you made sure your BIOS is the latest revision regardless of when the laptop was manufactured? You could also try and install Ubuntu and see if the screen issue is found. On another note, you may want to try, recreate your Windows 10 bootable USB installer and reinstall your OS to rule out a corrupt installer/installation.
Mar 26, 2018

It was inherent on windows 8 as well that is why I installed the Windows 10 to see if it would clear up the issue but it is still happening. I will install Ubuntu and let you know.

Thank you
Hi, to see if it's a driver problem, go to the BIOS and see if the problem is still there. You can also connect an external monitor and you can always try to reinstall the latest BIOS that you found on the Samsung website. Otherwise, the screen is defective.
Mar 26, 2018

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I have connected to another monitor and it does the same. The problem is still there when I am in BIOS or do you mean that that I may see something wrong with the settings (sorry not to clued up on BIOS also been a bit wary when headed that way)

Samsung has only a 2012 update and according to msconfig I have a 2013 update installed so getting a new update is a no go at this stage?

Could the battery be causing the defect on the screen? I know the screen doesn't need much power but I am running at a 0% on battery being plugged in?

Thanks again really appreciate all the feed back
If the laptop screen is jumping into the BIOS and also on the screen of an external monitor, the problem is not related to the operating system. Maybe the adapter could be the problem or a component in the circuit for the GPU is defective. If you can try another adapter.
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