Can I change date/time stamp on digital photos?


Apr 26, 2012
Yes, but not with the camera because the date/time stamp is now embedded into the image and the camera can only do that as the picture is taken.

You can only remove that stamp by editing each photo with image-editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Open the photo and use the "clone" tool to obliterate the date/time stamp.
Then optionally use the "text" tool to put the correct date on the image, then save it.

Be aware, however, that re-saving a .jpg image in the same format will slightly degrade it as some colour data is discarded during the compression/saving process.
But provided you choose the least amount of compression when saving it, it won't be noticeable to the human eye.

Pat Smith2

Dec 11, 2014

Hello Phil (or anyone else reading this). How exactly do you do that please?

In PS CS3, how do you find the date/time stamp, how do you obliterate it with the clone tool, then how do you use the text tool to put the correct date on the image please?

I have the picture up in Photoshop, turned my curser into the "clone" tool and now I'm lost? Sorry I'm so ignorant in this! Would most appreciate an answer though. Pat <Removed by moderator - never a good idea to post your email address>


As far as I know there is no time/date stamp tool in Photoshop. Phil was suggesting you use the clone tool to clone the area around the time/date stamp on the photo to cover it up and then use the text tool to type in the correct date.
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