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  1. N

    Need a good Point & Shoot under $400..no Canons

    I'm looking for a quality camera to photograph clothing I sell. Been through 3 Canons now and they just don't work with Windows 10(they keep randomly rotating my images, unsure as to why). I just need a good solid camera with clear pics and good white balance.
  2. R

    I need a decent cheap photo camera.

    100€ about that price range
  3. P

    Olympus sz-12 zoom problem?

    When I zoom out and take a picture the zoom immediately retracts. Is this normal?
  4. G

    Best Picks For Cameras

    Here are the best consumer digital cameras of 2014, including our favorite DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, phone cameras and more. Best Picks For Cameras : Read more
  5. C

    Looking for good point & shoot for action in low light

    I would like to get a good point and shoot for taking a lot of photos of my husbands band usually in low light inside clubs. My price range is $400 to $500 (or less if something is good) I currently use a Canon Powershot SX60 and it isn't that great. I get a lot of blurry shots. Thanks!!!
  6. A

    Best Point & Shoot 20Mpix digital camera within Rs.8,000

    suggest me the best point & shoot 20Mpix digital camera within Rs.8,000.
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    Best Digital Cameras

    Here are the best consumer digital cameras, including our favorite DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, phone cameras and more. Best Cameras : Read more
  8. K

    Problems with photos

    when I take pictures outside ,everything in the picture seems to have pink icicles hanging off it. I have an Olympus compact point & shoot camera which I received as a birthday gift in 2007. I love this camera but now I dont know what is wrong with it. It also uses "XD" memory cards , not SD .
  9. B

    kodak dx6490 image problems

    Hello, when taking photos in daytime, the image quality is poor - the picture has fine vertical stripes through it. This happens both with and without flash, but did not occur with photos previously taken at night. Have done something wrong with the settings?
  10. P

    Point and shoot lens cleaning

    Hello, point and shoot telephoto lenses with dust on the interior glass lenses--the dust makes dark spots that increase as the lens zoom is increased--how does one clean this dust from the interior lense? light tapping will move some of the dust, but once it is on the interior lenses, it is...
  11. A

    Memory Card Error Canon A3400

    A week ago, I bought a Canon Powershot A3400 from Amazon, along with a Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC memory card. I put the card in the camera, and thought I was ready to go. I'm now a few days into my vacation, and the camera has been sending me the message 'memory card error' with increasing...
  12. D

    Internal memory full

    My kodak 7.0 says internal memory full after 7 photos. I have downloaded photos, I have emptied the memory card. What to do now to take more than 7 photos?
  13. D

    Canon camera trouble shooting

    Hello, Recently my Canon PowerShot G7 shows purple when I turn it on for photos, then it goes to not even a purple picture, but no picture..just purple lines. I tried recharging battery in case it was low but no help. What might be gone?
  14. E

    Spy pen camera

    Hello, The instructions for my cam say press the button for two seconds and the blue light will shine. It does. Then to take movies press again for another two seconds and the blue light will flash three times then disappear. What actually happens is that after the initial blue light comes...
  15. D

    Technical help for camera choices

    Hello, I am looking for a no-frills camera that takes clear pictures from a distance when you zoom in for the shot. I'm thinking like in a school auditorium where there is low light. I don't want a lot of settings as I wouldn't ever learn to use them. Any suggestions?
  16. I

    Looking for new point and shoot camera

    Hi im looking for some recommendations on a point and shoot camera it needs to be snappy when taking pictures,decent zoom,good in low light and in doors... for a sporting event like a wrestling event..and for my girlfriend she wants it to have wifi and be able to upload to social media...
  17. C

    My SD card for my fuji camera won't work

    I've tried locking and unlocking my SD card and inserting it into my laptop, but it won't work. Help me please?
  18. A

    Shoot pictures with lines

    My Olympus digital camera is showing lines after i shoot an image but the ICD is in good condition, if i record a video the lines will not appear
  19. M

    Kodak Z812 Easy Share

    Hello, I really like this camera, but am having trouble finding batteries for it in New York City. Camera stores seem to have never heard of it. Someone must sell batteries. The camera was originally purchased at a Best Buy store in NYC.
  20. S

    Free drivers download for kodak easy share camera cd82as

    I need a link to a Kodak DX6490 digital camera so I can download photos on my work computer running Windows XP.
  21. G

    Canon A1100IS issues

    Canon A1100IS: takes pictures just fine; cannot zoom unless shutter pressed half-way; menu buttons do not work; only the view pics button works; pressing any button while viewing pics, it begins scrolling through memory at fast pace; pressing any button will it's scrolling and it will stop on a...
  22. M

    Camera not reading memory card

    Hello, We have a canon A480 camera that wont read the memory card. Says (no memory card) when turned on. Also it wont read any pictures on card. There are pictures on the card as we can see them on the computer. Any help wood be grateful.
  23. T

    Sony DSC-WX50 vs Canon ELPH 110 HS

    Hi, This is my first time buying a digicam. So far my list contains 1. Sony DSC-WX50 2. Canon IXUS 125HS (ELPH 110 HS) They have about the same price here in PH ($160). With Canon cost $5 less. What is the best point and shot on $160 range? My pref: * 1080p video * Performance for...
  24. Y

    How to unlock memory card for camera sony 14-1

    how to unlock memory card for a camera sony 14-1
  25. K

    I have an olympus sz-14/sz-12 digital camera trying to transfer pictures

    I have this Olympus camera and im trying to send pictures off of my camera so i can send them to my facebook how do i do that..
  26. E

    Sony Memory Stick Pro duo in Sony w350 "format error"

    Have a Sony m350. Works fine with Sony Memory Stick Pro 4MB. Sent away for a new, Sony Memory Stick etc...(same) only 8MB. Camera was off, I put in the stick and when I turned on the camera for the first time with it "Format Error" came on the screen! There is NOTHING I could find in the...
  27. E

    Sony Memory stick in Sony w350 "format error"

    Hello, Hi, I have a Sony Cybershot w350...the 4GB Sony Memory Stick Pro duo works fine. I bought an 8GB Sony Memory Stick Pro duo and when I put it in the camera the first time it came up as "format error". What do I do? I think I had the cameral off then turned it on. Is there a proper...
  28. C

    JVC camcorder new

    Hello, getting a check cards write protection switch prompty
  29. M

    How to delete from memory stick

    Hello, How can I delete a picture on memory stick that has "file protected"?
  30. A

    Canon Zoombrowser Question

    Zoombrowser versus Imagebrowser? I just bought a new Canon SX260 HS; it came with Imagebrowser. Does that replace Zoombrowser? They appear to do the same tasks. Any comment before I call around? I have an older Canon P&S camera but that Zoombrowser is very old. I guess I could try to...
  31. L

    How much HD video can i take with a 32g sd memory card

    I have a 2G disk in my Canon Powershot A2200 HD camera and lots of my painted items on there but if I want to record and make a video with my seminar what do I need? Just rough guess, nothing fancy, which is the best choice for the disk 32g?
  32. J

    When i try to upload photos to my computer it says no new pictures or videos fou

    i am trying to upload some new pictures from my camera to my computer. But whenever i try to put the memory card in to the computer it says " no new pictures or videos were founf on this device" I also tryed to upload the pictures from my camera to the computer using the usb cabel but it still...
  33. S

    Error memory card in sony camera

    I lost my data in memory card it is showing as error formatting so please say wat is the solution how can i retive my data from it
  34. B

    Best Point-n-Shoot for under $300

    Seeking suggestions, amid the plethora of choices, for some of the best point-n-shoot pocket size cameras to consider that have similar DSLR characteristics : Especially looking for best low light sensitivity, best focus for available light shots without having to use flash, although need to...
  35. C

    Canon G15 - Photographing Text

    Hello, I am a complete camera novice, and just purchased a Canon G15 to use for taking images of 17th & 18th century manuscripts in the archival research I am doing. I am trying out the camera right now taking images of pages in books that I want to digitize. I am finding that certain areas...
  36. M

    How to unlock/unprotect the memory card of canon digital camera

    Have Canon A 540, loaded new SanDisk SDHC card....says Memory card error. Card locked. I removed it and slid the tab on side of card down...reloaded...moved it back n forth 3X. Still says locked. Did I purchase the wrong card?
  37. M

    Camera for vlogs under 400$

    Hi ! Just a quick question, what is the best vloggin camera ? I want something compact, that can take good quality video in 1080p. I was into Canon S100, Canon 300 HS and GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. On the first one, i didnt liked the color reproduction, on second, it dont have 1080p and the...
  38. B

    Do you know how much a polaroid automatic land camera series 420 in great condit

    do you know how much a polaroid automatic land camera 420 is worth?
  39. S

    How do i take a pic of myself from my laptop and post it online

    Hello, how do i take a pic of myself and post it online i have been trying and trying please tell me
  40. M

    How to unlock/unprotect the memory card of canon digital camera

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks in advance for your help! I have a (older) Canon Power Shot A530 that needed a new card. So I bought a 4 GB Multi-use Lexar card SDHC and put into the camera and got a locked message. Came here thankfully and found my answer as to how to unlock so now I'm getting...
  41. V

    Circuit city protection plans

    Who is handling plans purchased for items from Circuit City?
  42. V

    Sony camera

    Hello, are you handling problems with product under circuit city advantage protection plans?
  43. apc21

    Error code e0000225

    :kaola: what is the fix
  44. U


    Hello, lens will not come out when turned on
  45. A

    Jvc gr-d200ek

    pls drivers for dis device. help me out. thanks forum
  46. A

    Share button app

    I cannot install the share button app on my Kodak digital camera Z5120. Please help.
  47. A

    Share button app

    I cannot install the share button app on my Kodak digital camera Z5120. Please help.
  48. T

    Cant get my sd card to work in camera it said it needs formatting but it still w

  49. sid3695

    DSC h100 a good buy?

    Sony cybershot DSC h 100
  50. L

    Point and shoot with DSLR performance

    I have been looking at the T4i for a while but I see samples of photos and videos and I'm not impressed and have seen point and shoots with almost near the same quality but much cheaper. My need is a point and shoot with great photo quality (ideal for family photos, landscapes, and low light...
  51. G

    Fuji S2980

    Hello, Can you please tell me if the Fuji S2980 can take multiple shots? I mean to explain myself like when they take photoshoots.
  52. sid3695

    Pleas help me choose

    http://www.flipkart.com/sony-cybershot-dsc-w690-point-shoot/p/itmd9un24zmkmazg?pid=CAMD9UMXTCZXUGZM&icmpid=reco_sp_personalhistoryFooter_camera_1_nr http://www.flipkart.com/nikon-coolpix-s6300-point-shoot/p/itmd7fnxpszjazmf?pid=CAMD72H47Y9G2FDH&icmpid=reco_sp_personalhistoryFooter_camera_2_nr...
  53. N

    Can I change date/time stamp on digital photos?

    My camera was set to the wrong Date setting... can I change the date-time stasmp on photos I took? :cry:
  54. T

    Can a P&S Camera act as a webcam?

    I'd love to have a webcam with optical zoom and HD. I was wondering, with all the 720p P&S cameras out there, if its possible to have both in one camera?
  55. A

    File error on camera memory stick

  56. J

    Shutter Lag on digital camera...

    all of a sudden my lcd screen is dark when I turn on the camera -- can't see anything clearly -- - then sometimes it is okay ??? Help
  57. N

    Cheap camera for recording video games?

    I have googled this and everyone says to use a capture card but thing thing is i want to record gameplay and have live/raw commentary. This guy on youtube has a really good camera but it costs $350 and i can not spend anything near that amount. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or...
  58. L

    Www kodak com/go/support

    I am forwarding this email I received from the camera repair service center. I bought the camera on 5/2/12 and only used it 3 times until it went dead. I mailed to the repair center and I received the email below. There is no way that rust and corrosion could happen if I only had it for 5...
  59. F


    Hello,where do i locate and start my webcam
  60. Kits

    Sony DSC-W5 shuts down when photo is taken.

    Hi there. Recently, I dug up my old Sony DSC-W5. It started fine, it was in review mode, looked at some old pictures from 2006 and then I went to take a photo. I set the mode dial to the P icon and pressed the shutter button. The camera clicked quietly and shut off without retracting the...