Can I connect an android phone directly to an old to watch from it using just an 3.5mm rca cables


Also, some BluRay players have the ability to mirror the phone onto the HDTV.

*But... just 3.5mm RCA cables?

That sounds like a HEADPHONE JACK (audio only) so probably not. I don't think phones have analog video outputs at all though maybe some do with a proprietary adapter.


Not saying this will work, or what program would make it useful if it did but:
"All you need to get the video out is a cable with AV ports on one side, and 3.5 mm jack on the other. "

I'm not sure but I think they mean THIS:

So then you'd need to use the COMPOSITE (not component) input. YELLOW is the video and Red + White is the audio.

So assuming that works you'd hook up all cables to the TV, then change the INPUT of the TV to COMPOSITE and turn on the phone.


So that's:
1x 3.5mm to AV cable (Female ends)
1x Composite cable (yellow, red, white) (MALE to MALE)