Can I connect different audio wires


Dec 20, 2014
I recently purchased a Sony audio system sa-d100. I recently reconstructed my home and have some audio wires installed through the ceiling in my room. The wire I have has 2 small wires in it, a copper and a silver one . The wires of the Sony speaker are thin black colored with clips that attach into the subwoofer . I wanted to know can I connect both of these wires as I want to install the speakers on my wall. The audio wires in the ceiling appear thicker than the Sony speaker wires. Can I splice and connect them both?
Yes you should be able to splice them. It is important that you connect the polarity of the wires correctly. This means that the plus and the minus of the speaker need to connect to the plus and minus of the main unit. If the wire is not marked to distinguish which is which you need to mark them before you cut the wire so they can be sliced correctly.