Question can I create a bluetooth delay?

Dec 23, 2019
I'm trying to connect two bluetooth speakers through the same transmitter. Getting them connected isn't a problem...but there is a definite ~100 ms delay on one of the speakers. Speeding up the audio decompression in the delayed speaker is probably not possible. Is it possible to CREATE a delay in the other speaker? Some kind of inline circuitry? Some kind of stupidly simple solution like covering an antennae with aluminum foil?
With Alexa you have to create a group to synchronize endpoints. Same is true of Sonos, Denon Heos, and BlueOS speakers.
The JBL Connect+ app may be able to do the same thing with their bluetooth speakers.
I don't think there is a generic solution for bluetooth speakers though.
Dec 23, 2019
Thanks, but that solution assumes the Bluetooth speakers can be paired with each other in a single group. Right? I'm just trying to stream audio to two separate speakers (different brands, and neither of them can transmit...only receive).
You are correct that the speakers don't have transmitters. The grouping doesn't pair the speakers directly to each other.
In the case of the JBL app it may allow you to pair two JBL BT speakers in mono to the same source but without delays.
In the case of Alexa, Sonos, Heos, etc the speakers are their own sources but if they weren't grouped there would be delays that would make playing the same thing at the same time impossible if you could hear both speakers at the same time.
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