Can I hook up a computer CD/DVD player/writer to my amp/tuner to play music CDs?

Mar 6, 2018
I dug my old Harman Kardon AVR 435 receiver out of the closet and hooked it back up so the wife and I can enjoy my large collection of jazz/rock/blues CDs.

I have a CD/DVD writer I use with my laptop. I bought a cord array to hook it to the AVR 435.

I have a problem now: all looks OK except the CDs don't play. Is there an inherent difficulty in transitioning the computer CD/DVD reader/writer for service as a music CD player?

I can't see how to attached the photo of the cord array I got to this message.

So I'll describe: The amp is fairly standard. It has RCA ports for the CD.

As far as the "batige" cord goes - it has RCA plugs, plus a female USB cord AND a male cord end. I am using only the female USB cord. The other one is not attached to anything.

Any advice will be welcomed. Thank you.

Jack in Phoenix

Mar 6, 2018

SOB!! I just KNEW it. I guess I needed someone to confirm my sad judgment on my brainstorm. Guess I'll be returning the 'batige' to Amazon and start looking again for a CD player. Hard to find them for less than $150.

Thank you, kanewolf, for taking time to help me. It is really appreciated.

Jack Lavelle



There are probably lots of them in pawn shops and on E-Bay used.
I would suggest you get a Denon Heos Link and connect it to your receiver.
You can rip all your CDs to a USB stick and plug it into the back.
Now you have all your CDs, internet radio, and streaming services that you can control with a smartphone or tablet. You will use it way more this way than just getting a CD player. Not complicated to set up and use.
Sonos is similar but doesn't act as a USB player. You would need to have the files on the network for it to stream.
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