can i hook up my hp15 laptop about 6 months old to my sony bravia smart tv about 2 months old tru my wi fi


Jan 21, 2015
hi how do I hook up my hp15 lap top windows 8 about 6 months old to my sony bravia smart tv about 2 months old wirelessly tru my wi fi . im not a real good comp
guy so I hope someone can


If your laptop has an Intel CPU, then it is possible that your laptop can send WiDi (Wireless Display) signal. However, that depends on the wireless adapter installed in the laptop. The link below will have a list of wireless adapters capable of doing WiDi.

Click the following link on how to identify your wireless adapter in Windows 8 for any laptop:

You Bravia TV must be capable of receiving a WiDi signal otherwise you will need to buy a WiDi receiver for it. Sony's product page for that specific HDTV should have that information. The following link provides some WiDi receiver for HDTVs that are not WiDi compatible.

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