Can I put a graphics card on my laptop (Lenovo G480, core i3, 4gb Ram)?


Oct 27, 2013
I just had this laptop few weeks from today, and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade or change some of its properties. A friend of mine told me that there is a possibility, but rare. And I saw this and not sure if this is reliable. Could the integrated Intel HD graphics 4000 possibly be replaced with GeForce GT 240? I am not that aware with laptops, so I hope you guys could lend a help. Thanks.

Lenovo G480, Intel Core i3 3110M (2.4Hz, 1600MHz, 3MB L3 Cache), 4gb Ram, Windows 8.1, 64 - bit, 14"HD (1366x768) Display, Intel HD Graphics 4000


Sep 17, 2012
Ummm No. Very rare cases can you upgrade the video on a laptop. Especially if its a descrete graphics card. I had an old Inspiron 9600 laptop which had a removable Video card but that was only because the 9600, 9700, and XPS were pretty much the same and they came with either a Radeon 9700 or a 9800.

In your case you would have to upgrade the CPU to upgrade graphics but even then they will only be intergraded. The cost of upgrading CPU though just for graphics won't be too worth it. If it was for both power and graphics then maybe. Only thing is you have to get the Laptop Version of a i5 or i7. the ones you buy in the store WILL NOT WORK.