Can S-video transmit 480p?


May 23, 2005
As I understand Wii is capable of producing 480p, but can I transmit 480p format to the TV (which is capable of it) through S-video connector? Or the only options are DVI and component video for TV being able to receive 480p?

Thanks you for replies.


Jan 6, 2006
No. You need at least Component Video cables for Progressive Scan (480P). One place I think N has really dropped the ball is not including the Component Video cables with the Wii, they are available "On-line only" for 25-35$. The same crap they did with the Cube.


Jan 8, 2006
Damn thats cheezy about the Wii. Not even 720p...and they make you buy the cable to get 480p. Do they use a proprietary* plug like the x360?

I think the PS3 uses a standard HDMI plug, so you could buy these cheap, yet well regarded HDMI cables.
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