Can you simulate surround sound with any analog headphones and how

Mar 6, 2015
Can you simulate surround sound with any analog headphones and how? I have a pair of bose soundtrue headphones. I am using onboard sound on a asus z97 pro. Would it be better to just buy a certified virtual surround headset like the kraken 7.1? If so, what are some good surround headsets under $200 (not the tiamat) that would match a black/green build (either black, green/black, green, black/rgb, green/rgb, or MAYBE black/white)?
razer's free virtual surround software would work. either that or get a cheap soundcard like the xonar dg. i did a quick scan but didnt see dolby headphone or virtual surround listed for your motherboard (but do check your manual as if it does you could just use this).
the razer software works with any 3.5mm headphone. i've even heard of it working with usb external dac's and headphones. while its not really the best virtual you'll find (dolby headphone or sbx/cmss3d are better) its free and requires no special hardware.

the xonar phoebus is a top of the line soundcard. completely wasted on any bose headphones if you ask me but thats your choice. yes, it has virtual surround support. as long as the 3d has SBX then it should have virtual yes. however be aware you can get virtual on a $27 soundcard (xonar dg) so its not only on high end cards.

given that you're only using bose headphones, i wouldnt suggest any sort of expensive solution. if you were using some higher end headphones then going with a higher end soundcard might actually be a good idea. unless you already have these cards just laying around not being used (in which case use them).
dolby headphone is considered to be a better virtual surround than razer's surround option by many people so i would say yes...

but you always have the option of trying out the razer software now, free and if you dont like it then upgrading to a card later on. that would be what i would do at least.
the kraken is not true surround (its virtual). it wouldnt be an upgrade at all.

while the bose cans arent great, they are most certainly better than gaming headsets like the kraken.

i'd just add virtual surround to what you are using now. if you wanted an upgrade of sorts, i'd just save up for a better pair of headphones that isnt bose.
check your motherboard specs and manual. at a quick glance i did not see support for virtual surround on your board.

this would mean either using razer's software or getting a cheap soundcard with the option.

for reference, cmss3d (now called sbx) is only found on creative's soundcards and motherboards which use creative onboard. asus boards wouldnt have this (asus uses dolby headphone on the boards which do have virtual support)
if you wanted any sort of serious upgrade in audio quality it may be worth thinking of going outside "gaming headsets" and looking at headphones paired up with separate microphones.

the only "gaming headsets" on my current recommendation list would be the hyperxcloud, pc363d, game zero, game one, mmx300 and ath-adg1 since they are based on headphone designs. this is not to say that you couldnt make do or be happy with an inferior product (that is your choice).
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