Canon 70D vs Any mirrorless in that segment?


Jul 26, 2015
I plan to buy a semi-pro camera (with the kit lens) in the next month or so. I have a budget of about Rs. 100000 (approx $1500).
I am torn between mirrorless and Canon 70D.
I am leaning towards the traditional DSLR more. Can someone please suggest which way I should go? I am hearing good things about the mirrorless cameras but I will not be able to upgrade to a better camera soon.
Canon 70D or a mirrorless Camera.


The main determining factor is how familiar you are with photography (not artsy things, being able to determine the right aperture, shutter, and iso settings for a specific scene) or at least how much work you are going to put into mastering the use of your camera.

If you are just looking to shoot what you want to shoot but do not know and are not willing to learn proper photographic techniques, any mirrorless or SLR camera will work just fine and probably result in photos that are more or less the same. In fact, most of the mirrorless cameras are easier to set up and will work just about 100% straight out of the box, which will let you get to shooting faster.

If you are interested in photography and learning proper photographic techniques and theory, SLRs provide far easier ways to adjust settings to what you desire. While they are also heavier than mirrorless cameras, this is almost always beneficial since it reduces camera shake through inertial damping. These cameras also tend to last much longer during shooting, since the screen is off except for review.

Either way though, I would highly suggest against scraping your budget with just a kit lens, especially if it's a 17-55mm equivalent lens. When it comes to SLRs and other replaceable lens cameras, the lenses are as important, if not more important than the camera itself. If you keep a bit of money in reserve, it'll be easier to purchase additional lenses once you know what you need (from your own experience).
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