Can't change From intel 4000 into gt 635M


Aug 3, 2009
hI GUYS. MY problem with my laptop is that I cant change the video card it using.
i already try this steps:
1.disable intel 4000 by device manager
2.Nvidia settings,i set gt 635m for all apps. it open
but when i benchmark in gta 4,it says that im using the intel 4000 graphics the bios.i cannot find where to change video card there.
or i should update my bios?&how?

please help me guys.
The issue may be that the benchmark is only reporting the HD 4000 even though the GT 635m is installed. Much like how Window Experience Index will only state that the HD 4000 is the graphics card.

Try uninstalling the nVidia drivers to see if there is a difference in benchmark results.

Also try updating both Intel HD and GTX 635m drivers.


Jun 2, 2014
i had this issue till i figured it out

right click > nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings , now you'll see a tab that says global settings and under it a drop down menu select the 635m and your good to go