Can't decide between Acer Predator 17, Asus G752 and MSI GT72S


Sep 8, 2016

So I'm a professional videographer and photographer who enjoys a game here and there. I've custom built a great desktop two years ago but now that I'm traveling more for work. It's become apparent I need to be able to edit on the go for many reasons I won't bore you with.

I run Adobe Creative Suite using primarily AE, Premiere Pro, Auditions, Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator. From watching my own desktop performance, I know I need more than 16gb, more like 24-32gb. At least 1TB of storage and an SSD to run on. I need a 17" screen with great resolution as I need a great quality screen to be able to color correct my video/photos on. I'm drawn to gaming machines because I know they have power but I also like the stylings and quirks such as backlit keyboards. The option to add more screens past one would be a great bonus.

I've narrowed down to the three computers I like the most but really can't seem to be convinced by one over the others. They are: The Acer Predator 17, MSI GT72S Dominator Pro G (219 or 220) and the ASUS G752.

I won't bore you with the minor details, but they all seem to have the hardware requirements such as graphic card, storage options and memory that are both upgradeable. However the minor things are what's making it hard to choose so this is what I'm looking for help from people who know more than I do.

The potential flaws from my findings are as follows:
The Acer Predator 17 seems like a great a computer but it doesn't seem to be consider durable and fingerprints easy. Many sites say it's not G-Sync able and I don't know vital that is for video editing. I have a friend who used to work on computers (a couple years ago) who says that I should avoid Acer as they tend to break easy.

The Asus ROG G752 has a lot of reviews and videos sayings it's the computer of choice for many reasons: it's stylish, easier to access hardware for upgrades, etc... but then they all say it's loaded with Bloatware (I HATE BLOATWARE), you can't control the fans without extra software, the keyboard backlight is only red (not a dealbreaker). (I found a deal that offers a 64GB, 2TBB with 128x2 SSD with DVD- not Blu-ray- for $1000 which makes me suspicious)

I will say I'm drawn to the MSI GT72S Dominator Pro G more. I like the specs more- the 980M is more common to be paired with it. I like the design more except the back of the screen is meh. I love the Keyboard controls I've seen. My computer friend, whom I mentioned before, says that MSI is the way to go. I use an MSI motherboard in my desktop and it's been great. However, I seen a lot of written reviews saying it's display Color Accuracy is off and quite a few reviews on Amazon reporting light bleed which will do me no good when doing color correcting work. Though zero video reviews I've watched report this as an issue.

Any more feedback to help me make a choice would be greatly appreciated. I'd prefer to spend around $2,000 but can go up if the right choice is worth it.