Solved! Can't get gaming headset mic to work with laptop

Sep 21, 2018
I have the Sennheiser 506065 GAME ONE Gaming Headset and I want to use it with my laptop. The aux port on my laptop has a microphone and headphone symbol next to it, but I also have a USB splitter, which is supposed to work with a TRS jack, which my headphones have. However, I can't seem to get the microphone to work either way. Has anyone had this problem and can help me?
It is pretty common on laptops that are supposed to have dual input/output jacks. If you have checked in "Control Panel" (instructions below) and are unable to access the microphone there to get it working, the your other option would be to try a 3.5mm to USB adapter and connect via a USB port.

If your microphone isn't working, try the following...

1. Go to "Control Panel".
2. Click on "Sound".
3. Click the "Recording" tab.
4. Click on the device you are trying to fix.
5. Now click the "Configure" button and then click "Set up Microphone".
6. Once that is complete, click the "Properties" button.
7. When you are done with your changes, in "Properties", click "Apply" and then "OK".
8. Then click "OK", again, on the main "Sound window".

NOTE: If you don't see the microphone listed, right click on the white empty background of that window and make sure both disconnected and disabled are checked.
Sep 21, 2018

When I plug in my headphones to the jack, I opened sound in control panel like you said but the only thing there is the laptop's built in microphone, even when I choose to show disconnected and disabled devices as well.

So now, I have the USB adapter and I connected it to my laptop via USB port. I went into sound in control panel and under recording devices it shows a microphone connected with a USB device. However, it doesn't pick anything up. I right-clicked it and went to "configure speech recognition" and then "setup microphone" and then "headset microphone", but I had to push the mic right next to my mouth and talk very loudly for the mic to pick up anything.

To try and test the mic, I went into OBS and selected the USB microphone as the mic device and then recorded myself talking. When I listened to the recording, my voice was really static-y and fuzzy.
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