Solved! Can't open the My Files App on my Samsung S7 since latest software update. Restarting, Force shutting, clearing the cache does


Jun 29, 2017
The My File App on my Samsung S7 stopped working after the latest software update. I tried restarting, force stopping the app and clearing the cache. Nothing helps. I've been using my new phone now for only 1 and half months! What should I do to solve the problem. Can you please help me?
Was this a full software update or an App update? If it was the phones main OS that was updated, and it was an official update (not one you got through any means other than the phones direct update option) then you should contact the manufacturer, since the phone is so new it would be under warranty.

Now if it is an app that was updated, you would need to uninstall the update. Which can be done through "Settings", "Apps" and then tap the individual app and choose to uninstall updates. It would take the app back to its original settings.

If, however, it is a version of the OS that you installed that wasn't officially done through the phones updates, it won't be covered under the warranty. It would have voided it actually. In this case you may want to try doing a "Hard Reset" on the device and see if you can restore it to original settings.

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