Question Can't View Bose 321 Settings on TCL Series 4 Roku TV 43S425

Oct 1, 2020
I have a TCL Series 4 Roku TV 43S425 with the sound going through a Bose 321 Entertainment System via the Optical connections on each component. This Bose Version does not support HDMI. To change most of the settings on the Bose system you have to be able to view it's video output. I have tried using an R-W-Y RCA to mini-jack cable with the yellow plugged into the Bose Video Out connection and the mini-jack going into the TCL AV/input connection. It did not recognize any signal coming into the AV. I also tried running an R-W-Y RCA to RCA cable from the Bose into a Samsung DVD/VCR combo unit that is connected to the TV via HDMI through the VCR Line-In connection. This also failed. I think in the second scenario the analog connections for line-in are not recognized for digital signals to the HDMI. It's kind of ridiculous that I have to go through this technical maze just to turn the subwoofer down a few clicks, but that's where I am.
Is there an alternate or specific AV Input cable that I should be using? A different Bose output? I was able to view the setting before on lower tech tv that had direct RCA R-W-Y inputs.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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connect the adapter cable from TCL to the AV in
"Select models have an AV Input that looks like a headphone jack. Use the
breakout cable (included) to adapt this input to the three RCA-type plugs on your composite cable."

connect the Composite Video cable (yellow cinch) to the Bose system´s VIDEO OUT and the TCL´s VIDEO IN adapter

select composite video as source in the TCL TV -> AV
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