Carmack Not Impressed With Next-Gen Console Hardware

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Jun 25, 2012
Precisely. I don't care that he was "a god of gaming" in the 90s, that was then - this is now. Tell me guys, what did Carmack work on recently that deserves my attention as a gamer?

All that said, besides the graphics, they seriously need to come up with better ideas for games. Military shooter crap got boring, BF3 or not, it's all the same boring BS. Haven't seen a worthy RTS since Dawn of War 1 (but that's just me, I guess, I have very high demands from an RTS). More or less innovative and entertaining series get overtaken and stomped into dust by EA. I'm literally at the point where I have money for a graphics card upgrade and don't care, because for what? Consoles or PC, originality is what really suffers nowadays.
Are you kidding me? Look at his wikipedia?
Look at his recent achievements. He is a pioneer of gaming and will always be. The games you see on the shelves nowadays were made possible because of Carmack.

Would you say the same thing about Bill Gates? Oh whoopity do he created Microsoft but hasn't done anything I've noticed in the past few years so we can entirely discredit his opinion, right?


Apr 7, 2010
Carmack missed the rest of the leaked docs it seams.

VR is already on the roadmap - Dual kinect sensors and VR goggles turn the living room into the play area, not the other side of the TV screen.


Jul 13, 2008
[citation][nom]zz1ggy[/nom]Are you kidding me? Look at his wikipedia? at his recent achievements. He is a pioneer of gaming and will always be. The games you see on the shelves nowadays were made possible because of Carmack.Would you say the same thing about Bill Gates? Oh whoopity do he created Microsoft but hasn't done anything I've noticed in the past few years so we can entirely discredit his opinion, right?[/citation]

youa re grossly wrong about this ,carmakc was not the sole factor involving modern games , long before he even though to make doom , or quake , autodesk was pushing out 3d max in 1986 , basscaily 3d modleing software at the time was mainly for movies , but this piece of software's development alone gave birth to 3d gameing NOT john carmack. in fact this software is what made doom what it was. that aside cark mack was NOT the only person workign on the original wolfenstien and doom games , there was a team involved and gifting carmack with all the credits just because he coded the engine , is grossly insulting to the other people involved with those games.


May 18, 2011
[citation][nom]alidan[/nom]what i mean by eye candy and actually mattering is this. a single brick falls, and it can kill you, that matters, and needs to be tracked server sidea single brick falls, and it just interacts with the world, but not damage wise, thats eye candy and can be done pc side.and the reason ai isnt pushed, is because of multiplayer... where most people spend most of their time. that and the cpu being used to power better graphics and bare minimum everything else.[/citation]muliplayer? even the games like MMO does have AI for monsters, there no anywhere near to be call as AI at all.


Feb 8, 2008
[citation][nom]DroKing[/nom]Calling me young? I been around that time and I respected him for that but that was in PAST. You cannot overlook his recent shenanigans.[/citation]

And wtf have you done exactly?
And what shenanigans?
You're only demonstrating that you can't respect one's opinion because it's not the same as yours.

And by the way, how many people here are bashing on VR without ever having even tried it?
This guy is revitalizing an old idea because we now have the technology sitting idly doing nothing. He claims that MS and Sony are beating on a dead horse by making newer consoles less powerful than most here on Tom's already have in our PC's; that it will only bring diminishing returns.

These are facts he is stating. While it would be nice to have double the resolution, it actually is quadruple the amount of pixels. The current gen consoles are already pretty photorealistic. What he is suggesting is to use that extra horsepower to make a huge difference rather than a slight one.

And for all of those who are whining and crying about how he's forsaken the PC gaming community, I'll remind you that the VR headset is only available for PC.

You should probably go easy on the bashing here since he's working in the gaming community's interests and actually coming up with results. I can't imagine anyone that comes here bashing Carmack is working on anything innovative for the gaming community.

But in retrospect, you cancome here crying about how Carmack is not doing exactly what you want him to do as if he's your b---- of a mother and has only your interests to care about.
Fact remains, you'll probably be wearing a VR helmet in 5 years from now and still be bashing Carmack for no good ******* reasons.


Dec 8, 2006
The future are games with interactive/dynamic content which reacts to actions of the players (or AI-controlled NPCs), very unlike the crap that id Software keeps producing. Playing their latest games feels like playing Doom 1 (Rage felt even worse) - graphically proficient crap with boring game-play, nonexistent AI, enemies just keep pouring at you (spawning indefinitely/into your back without making any sense).


Mar 30, 2012
Not Impressed? Prob because its going to be CRAP!
There will be almost no improvement in graphics quality, next gen is all about higher resolution (4K) and frame rates! Just see UE4... PC games are already far better then that!
Truth is... PC game inovations will rely on gameplay and better graphics only in PC exclusive titles, which 95% will be MMOs.


Nov 16, 2010
Until they are able to plug human beings into machines, virtual gaming is more of a day dream than anything else. Think about it... you have to literally be able to connect the game to the correct channels in the brain for a virtual experience. A headset strapped on the face with LEDs for screens over the eyes doesn't sound very comfortable, if not a little bit ridiculous. Small LEDs will still need the hardware to power them, we'll still need GPUs, and that will never change. This does sound like a fresh idea, but not all ideas are good and I hope that we always have the choice as gamers whether we want a traditional mouse and keyboard setup or a night-vision-goggle-type setup for our gaming.
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