Cheap mini survailance camera


Jun 14, 2010

I hope someone can help me finding camera for surveillance (or some kind of baby monitoring cam).

I am looking for cheap solutions, under 50€. I need camera for checking my cats on balcony.

Must have:

- battery powered or some kind of accu, so I can refill
- no cables for power or net connection! 100 wireless must be!
- wi-fi connection
- night vision

Not important:
- quality of image
- design
- recording on card

I just need to have live view so I can check the situation remotely. Bonus is also that I can access camera if I am on a vacation and log into internet to check.

I looked on the internet and looked all cameras but can't find the one that would be only battery or accu powered. Closest I got was some Regus camera, but it is way above 100€ which is out of my budget. It drives me nuts that I can't find anything. Maybe here is someone that can help.

You have a lot of requirements contradicting witth EUR50 budget.
- Night vision needs power.
- WiFi needs power - just see how long your phone can last on video call.

You can get pretty decent wired (for power and/or network) surveillance camera in your budget.


I recently purchased an indoor Amcrest wireless camera to experiment with as a prelude to setting up a security system.

Good pricing via Amazon but I made a tactical error.

Should have purchased an outdoor camera as the indoor camera was not suited for even testing exterior purposes and placement. Including covered porches and garages...

See if you can increase your budget. Outdoor camera's can be used indoors but not vice versa.

A good sale on an outdoor camera may permit you more flexibility.

Eventually "cheap" will backfire on you.


no cables for power or net connection! 100 wireless must be!
And this runs on powdered unicorn horn and puppy farts?

It WILL need power. Unless you want to change the batteries every day.
Or get a large solar array to keep the batteries charged. (which won't fit in 50€ )


Jun 14, 2010
Yeah, I understand it needs power. But I can make compromise, since I need that camera only for about 2 hours a day, for that time the cats are out. In between, I could recharge.
I know I am making it hard. I was also thinking of some kind of baby monitor. But not sure, how that things work or if even possible to have live image.

I guess I'll have to consider something with power supply.
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