Chepest online store ,that ships Worldwide


Mar 25, 2016
Hi ,I really want to buy Acer E5-573g laptop with nvida geforce gt 940M with i5 5200u and 1080p screen.The problem is that I cant find this laptop for cheap in my country and it costs quite a lot so maybe ,some of you bought laptops from like a good online shop that ships their products worldwide ? Would buy it with shipping cossa included ,490-540 usd. I checked ebay but there the laptop costs 550$.
PS. I live in Lithuania


Apr 2, 2016
That laptop is a US model and Newegg Exclusive same with the 574g which is just the skylake version of the 573g laptop. I dont think your going to get anything super cheap. I can get it for $470 here in the US.


Apr 2, 2016

Yeah, canada, and australia i know for a fact have bad prices, and im sure most of eastern europe does as well. The US has the benefit of having most of the major companies headquartered here.
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