Choosing between 2 headphones

ive been trying to choose between the akg 44 and akg 77.
on amazon the akg 44 is 30US$ and akg 77 are just now on sale 35$.
Ive been thinking about getting the akg 77 since their on sale and about the same price as the akg 44. I have read the spec sheet/ reviews for them both and it seems that they are acoustically similar however reviews say good things about the akg 44 sound isolation but not so well for the akg 77. There both OVER-EAR, SEMI-CLOSED if I'm correct. Sound isolation is important in my circumstance.

been trying to find headphones in the 30-35$ range with an auto retractable headband, good durability, and balanced sound. these are the only ones I could find as of now.


Aug 18, 2013

Panasonic RP-HTF600s. I own a pair of these and the sound is fantastic for the price. They can isolate sound well, but do have bad sound leakage since they are semi open.

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S

do you have any specifics in mind

also the panasonic rp seems like a good choice however ill be in public and so the sound leakage would be a problem.