Choosing between Samson SR850, Grado SR-60i, or AKG K240


Jul 6, 2013
I decided to get one of these three headphones but can't make a decision as they all have great reviews. I'm inexperienced in this area and trying to stay on a budget which is why these are my options. I don't know about the K240s because I read they're a bit too mellow for some people, especially when used on an MP3 player which is what I'm mainly going to use them on. I mainly listen to hip-hop so I'm also trying to figure which pair would produce the best sound for that genre. Suggestions?

Samson SR850:

Grado SR-60i:

AKG K240:
The Grado SR60i are excellent. Great for long listening sessions. You may need to apply a little EQ to get the extreme bass and treble just the way you want it for hip-hop. The Samson and AKG are oriented towards project studio use so may be a bit bright for long period listening.