Chronos 7 NP700Z5C suddenly won't boot or POST

Ryan Peters

Aug 30, 2013
The laptop has been working perfectly up until now. I woke it up from sleep and decided to reboot it. At that point, it tried to POST and then quickly shutoff, then started again, bringing me to the Windows Boot Manager screen. I tried hitting F4 to do a recovery and after I recovered from an old image, it still had the same behavior. I cannot get it to boot from a USB or from a CD. I've tried resetting the BIOS to stock. Literally nothing has changed prior to this.

I'm about to fill out a repair order to Samsung, but wanted to check here first.

Here is a video of the behavior.


Mar 14, 2010
Strange. Not I assume nothing was plugged into the PC during that sequence? Like, no USB drives or the lot when that happened?

Try removing the battery (if it can be removed), unplugging it from the charger, holding the power button for 5s, plugging the charger back into the computer (leaving battery out) and turning it on, and see if anything changes.

If nothing happens, then I guess I am of no help sorry.