Clicking sound through headphones and internal speakers


Feb 23, 2017
Laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 330, received four days ago.
I started a show on Netflix last night. The audio was fine at the start, but I paused and set the laptop on the couch and left for a few minutes. When I got back, there was a muffled clicking/tapping noise at about one beat per second. This happens through headphones and through the laptop's internal speakers.
It starts when the Lenovo icon appears when booting, it will go away when the computer is muted or Realtek audio is disabled in Task Manager.
Things I have tried:

1.) Updating drivers and rolling back drivers.
2.) Tried changing Realtek driver to generic High Defintion Audio Device through Task Manager.
3.) I reset(not restarted) my computer
4.) I tried restoring my computer, but windows always failed saying that there may be an anti-virus preventing it. I had already uninstalled McAfee, and I tried turning off all Windows Security.

Not sure if it matters... in the Realtek Audio Console under Advanced Settings, it says "Connector Retasking..." above a greyed out(when no headphones are attached) headphone jack. The headphone jack image fills in when headphones are connected but no other changes.

Should I call tech support and try to send it back at this point? Does anyone have any other suggestions?