Question Close an opening in the plastic near the hinge

Apr 3, 2020
Hello everyone. I have a Samsung NP300E5M laptop. Due to some mishandling, I noticed that the plastic part near the left hinge has opened and the screw (which holds the left rear part of the laptop) won't hold anything anymore (when I try to tighten it, it just spins but doesn't tightens at all). Now whenever the laptop lid is moved it kind of jiggles a little bit.

Here is the plastic part which has been opened:

If I try to close it pressing with my fingers, it snaps back closed but then opens again because of the weight of the hinge, so it stays open basically all the time.

Here's what it should look like closed:

And here is the screw hole under the laptop, on the left rear part (probably some pastic piece which hold its screw broke off):

I've tried creating some kind of "washer" to support the screw so at least it can be tightened but that didn't work, it just kept spinning.
Any ideas of what I should do? I've been thinking about gluing the open plastic part with some superglue to keep it closed but I'm not sure if that's the best way to fix this.
This issue, especially the lid jiggling, is really annoying. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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You need to open it and there is likely a broken plastic screw hole or mounting point there. There is also a few products that basically weld plastic together you can try them, but keep in mind you may make a bit of a mess wile using it.
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