Compare intel hd 3000 and ati graphics 7670m

sumanta mondal

Jan 19, 2013
in order to veiw movies and simple games and photoshop editing,please let me know which is better- intel hd 3000, intel hd 4000, ati radeon 7670m, nvidea 620. What difference will i notice for each of them_ raju
Forget the HD 3000. It is pretty weak.

The Intel HD 4000 is about 35% more powerful than the HD 3000, unless you are looking at an ultrabook. Due to lower power consumption of the ULV (ultra low voltage) CPUs used in ultrabooks, the Intel HD 4000's performance is lower than other Intel Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs.

The GT 620m is better than the Intel HD 4000, but not as good as the Radeon HD 7670m. For playing games you want the most powerful graphics card. For those PhotoShop effects that can make use of the graphics card for better performance, then you want the most powerful graphics card. In the case the most powerful graphics card is the Radeon HD 7670m.