Compare Lenovo vs HP.


Feb 23, 2013
My computer recently crashed, so I am looking into purchasing a new one. Below are listed the two laptops I am considering and I have also attached a link to the retailer I plan to purchase the laptop from. The prices are currently the same. My problem is that I am no computer expert, so I am unsure which specs are superior. Therefore, I ask: Which is the better laptop?

1) Lenovo IdeaPad U510 Ultrabook


2) HP ENVY dv4t Laptop


Dec 24, 2005
Lenovo: Bigger screen, more RAM, and bigger hard drive
HP: Smaller and faster CPU.

If you're doing basic stuff, such as Office and internet, they're about the same. I rather go with Lenovo myself because of the bigger screen.


Apr 23, 2008
I trust Lenovo more than HP personally. But outside of that the HP is more powerful in processing power and has more battery life. But the Lenovo has a hybrid hard drive which means part SSD and normal hard drive, so it will feel more responsive for your more used applications. Not to mention the lenovo has a 15.6in screen compared to 14in on the HP. There is also the fact that HP has a nasty habit or filing their computers with large amounts of bloatware and from what I've experienced with my family's lenovo desktop it was the exact opposite.

So while the HP is technically more powerful unless you are doing something CPU intensive or want the incredibly long battery life. I go with the Lenovo as it will feel more snappy due to the hybrid SSD, less bloatware, larger screen, 8gb vs 6gb ram (though ram is cheap and easy to replace so not a big plus),and typically have good build quality.

But honestly they both look to be respectable choices.
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