Compax Presario SR1417CL Help


Sep 4, 2015
I recently bought a Compaq Presario SR1417CL and the heatsink above the processor came off and this little black tab that holds one of the arms (not very good with part names) came off the board and I can see the two holes it would go in. Do I just got ahead and press it back on the board or do I need to use a type of epoxy? Thank you for your time


This is a desktop, not a laptop, that is nearly a decade old. If you bought it secondhand, then it's possible that the heatsink has been experiencing stress for some reason over time. The fact that the heatsink came off is an indicator that it was not stable. You may want to buy an aftermarket cooler to replace it:

Also remember to apply thermal paste on the CPU, whether you buy a new cooler or insist on using the old one.